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It takes creativity to be a trendsetter
If you follow in other people’s footsteps, you will never overtake them. We, at drapilux, prefer to stay in the fast lane. That is why we have to give our best performance – each and every day.

Visions become pictures and they, in turn, lead the way to tomorrow’s products. These can only be successful if the basis for success – quality, reliability, diversity and personality – creates and commands confidence as a sound fundament. The confidence of drapilux clients stems from exactly these features, as well as the company’s ability not only to recognise trends but to set them in the first place.

Our Innovations drapilux air and drapilux bioaktiv
Through our innovations - drapilux air and drapilux bioaktiv - we have succeeded in developing intelligent textiles which play a decisive role in improving the quality of life and living.

drapilux air fabrics are equipped with the ”triple fresh“ catalyst.  Fresh air is guaranteed with its properties to break down pollutants and odours.

drapilux bioaktiv fabrics have a permanent anti-bacterial effect which results in a significant reduction in the spread of germs – promoting health and well-being.