progressive aesthetic safe

Committed to the future. Always.

This is the company motto of Schmitz-Werke which is equally applicable to our brand, drapilux.
Progress and innovation in commercial and residential properties have been our goal for virtually four decades.  A large degree of specialist expertise and product quality, as well as high-quality design collections make us the leading provider of decorative fabrics on the European market.

drapilux combines intelligence and aesthetics.
One of our milestones in the past as a progressive and innovative company was the development of a flame-retardant generation of fabrics.  As far back as 1980, as the pioneer in developing flame-retardant fabrics, we sent new benchmarks in the world of decorative fabrics by being the first to use Trevira CS.

With our innovations - drapilux air and drapilux bioaktiv – we have managed to develop intelligent textiles which make a decisive improvement to the quality of life and living.

Our collection comprises more than 1,500 combinations of stylish designs and colours, and are kept reliably up to date by the drapilux sales force.

Our fabrics are sold via authorised specialist retail outlets only.  drapilux fabrics are always available for delivery and can be supplied for a number of years afterwards.